Andrea Biado

Andrea is what you would call a creative soul. Developing an interest in arts and design for as long as she could remember, Andrea has dabbled in culinary, painting, music and many other art forms.  Her “thinking outside the box” character and defiance of the norm warrants her the title “trendsetter”. Andrea started cutting hair for friends as a hobby, and in her early 20’s began cutting her own hair as a solution to not finding a stylist that understood her preferences. Not only did Andrea realize she had the creativity and talent for styling, she also enjoyed the excitement she received from helping others find and create their own style. In 2013, Andrea attended hairstyling school. She has worked in both the salon and barbershop industries and has now undeniably made the vision of BLOC East a reality. Her cool, laid back approach and knack for styling ensure every client feels at ease, pleased and comfortable in her chair. Not to mention her insane originality and adept skills which gives BLOC East the edge to stand out.


Jay Trilles

Jay didn’t choose to become a stylist. It just kind-a fell into his lap…naturally. At the young age of 13, he found himself cutting hair in his basement and garage as a self -taught barber. His passion for hair ignited, and it didn't stop there. Despite his lack of DIY resources, like the internet and You-tube, Jay succeeded in perfecting and refining his craft. His skilled hand-eye coordination worked in harmony for men’s hair. Later on, his sister challenged him to extend his talents to women’s hair. A challenge accepted by Jay and a challenge well-performed. After discovering his new abilities, Jay made the decision to formally be trained as a professional hairstylist and later ventured on to become a cosmetology instructor at a respectable hair school, while working as a salon stylist part-time. With more than 10 years of professional experience, the expertise Jay brings to BLOC East is unparalleled and elevates BLOC East to the next level.


Marcela Ramirez

Born in Colombia, Marcela came to Toronto in 2007. With roots embedded in Latin America and exposure to Torontonian diversity, Marcela adds a unique flair and vision to BLOC East. Her cultural influence and eye for tasteful aesthetics set her apart from the masses as a stylist. In 2010, Marcela decided to pursue her career in hairstyling. From then on, she has worked in several professional salons in the city, gaining valuable insights and adding to her proficient styling skills - and now has found her home here…at BLOC East! Her versatility is highly admired. Not only a Stylist, Marcela is also a certified microblading technician in both her native country Colombia and her adopted home Toronto. She takes full enjoyment in helping clients transform their appearance to their desire while ensuring she provides exceptional services and positive experiences that are remembered long after a salon visit.



Kevin Biado

Kevin is truly a Jack-of-all-Trades. As a multidimensional doer, Kevin has always had a keen interest in art, drawing, tattooing, design, and fashion. For 3 years he’s worked at the high-end retailer, Christian Louboutin, studied architectural technology at George Brown College, and currently works as an Apprentice at Chronic Ink; aspiring to be a professional tattoo artist. When it comes to versatility, he can rival a chameleon. Kevin has long envisioned the start of BLOC East before its birth. By faith, he allowed his sister Andrea to do her first haircut on him in the basement of their home, and since then has wanted Andrea to launch her own gig. His admirable support, unshakeable commitment, and innate learning abilities to master new skills while making it look all too easy, proves Kevin is a treasured asset at BLOC East as our Operations Manager. Overseeing all the back of house functions and media of the salon, he’s our behind the scenes Guru that keeps BLOC East operational, equipped and running smooth.