DREA, Founder/Co-owner/Barber

As Founder and Co-owner of Bloc East, Drea is what you would call a creative soul. Developing an interest in the arts and design for as long as she could remember, Drea has dabbled in painting, music, culinary, and several other art forms. Her ‘thinking outside the box’ character and defiance of the norm warrants her the title “trendsetter”. As a hobby, Drea began cutting hair for friends. Later on, in her early 20’s, she started cutting her own hair as a solution to not finding a stylist that understood her preferences. Not only did she realize she had the creativity and talent for styling, but she also found excitement in helping others find and create their own style. Drea has worked in both the salon and barbershop industry and has now undeniably made the vision of Bloc East a reality. Her cool, laid back approach and a knack for styling ensure every client feels at ease, pleased and comfortable in her chair. Not to mention her insane originality and adept skills which gives Bloc East the edge to stand out.

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