a combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose.
We’re a collaboration of versatile, professional, aesthetic stylists who share a common goal:  creating memorable, laid back experiences for our clients through our notable personalized services. Located in the Leslieville area of Toronto, our specialties extend from cuts, colour and style to beard trims and microblading.
Aesthetic is much more than external beauty. It’s a movement!... Of self-expression, liberation, culture, and in its simplest form-- art. The beauty industry is constantly revolutionizing itself by breaking traditions and driving trends. But here at BLOC East, we don’t just keep up with trends--we create them! 
We’re a kick your feet up, lean back and vibe kind of space. Once you’re here, you’ll get it! Our modern lofty atmosphere and easy-going stylists create a comfort for interesting conversations, music jam sessions, sports entertainment, lounging, and just good times. You’re VIP among friends. 
We pay attention to every subtle detail of the service that we provide in order to enhance your experience the moment you walk through our doors. From listening to your style preference and offering insightful advice, to hot towel treatments and commended retail styling products. 
At BLOC East, you speak it and we style it into existence!